Track order status


Calculate the number of business days between its shipment date and the current day. Business days refer to the period of time between Monday and Friday and do not include national holidays or weekends.

Why Does My Tracking Show "Not Found"? Why Do I See No Updates in the Tracking Information of My Order?

The tracking information of each order is usually not updated for the first 2-5 days after its shipment. You will be informed once the parcel arrives at a sorting center or at the Customs Office of your country. Please rest assured that a delayed update on the tracking of your order does not usually affect its delivery.

Why Didn't I Get A Tracking Code?

Often because you chose a non-tracking shipping method or tracking message that arrived on spam please check the email & SMS. If you choose ship by Pro method and don’t receive the code within this period, please contact us at

Although the tracking is only available for shipping by Pro Method.


I Can See that My Order Status Shows “delivered” But I Have Not Received My Parcel. How Can I Solve This?

Check if the shipping address of your order is correct.
Ask your neighbors, relatives or friends if they have received the parcel on your name.
Request an official document from your local post office in which they clearly state what happened to your parcel and all the details they have. We will refund you or send you a replacement after receiving this document.


What's the definition of each shipping Status?